Ro Ro shipment

It is specially designed for the transportation of automobile cargo, with large storage capacity. Generally, there are 6000 standard parking spaces in the largest ship, which can meet the transportation needs of large quantities of cargo. It is fast to load and unload and simple to operate. Loading and unloading speed: trolley 120~150 sets/hour, crane and construction machinery 40 sets/hour. It can operate around the clock. The ship is usually in port for no more than 10 hours. It has high transport safety. All goods are loaded in the cabin. Each deck is designed with a large number of professional binding points, which can minimize cargo damage and maintain good appearance of goods. The route is rich, the shipping date is accurate, the ship speed is fast, the port time is short, and there is no need to arrange floating cranes when loading and unloading. The port gives priority to berthing, and there are fewer problems of port hold down when arriving at the destination port, which is superior to almost all other sea transportation modes.