About Us

Shanghai Gaodi International Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in 2018. The company is located in Shanghai, the largest port city in China, and has the qualification of NVOCC and Class I freight forwarder certified by the Ministry of Communications of the People’s Republic of China. Our company is a comprehensive import and export international freight forwarding enterprise. Our business involves international shipping, air transportation, railway, import and export customs declaration, cross-border e-commerce, bonded warehousing, logistics scheme design, logistics distribution and other fields. The company always follows the principle of “integrity, professionalism and efficiency” As the concept of enterprise development, we will wholeheartedly provide customers around the world with high-quality and satisfactory logistics services.
Main service scope: Acting as an agent for import and export international cargo transportation, including FCL, LCL, bulk cargo, international air transportation, and international railway; Acting as import and export customs broker; Freight insurance agency; Acting for goods warehousing; And provide relevant international logistics consulting services;

Our Services

  1. International Chamber of Shipping

    It can provide customers with global full container and LCL services, including door-to-door and other domestic and overseas extension services. Our company has cooperation with many shipping companies, such as MSK, CMA, COSCO, HAPPLLOY, etc. Our company can provide the current marine quotation in time to answer the customer’s inquiries. Provide customers with ship sailing, arrival tracking and other information. We can book shipping dates and positions according to customers’ needs, and provide customers with a full range of services such as space booking, customs declaration and cargo control!

  2. International Air Transport

    We have business cooperation with many airlines to provide you with air transport services covering the global business network and highly competitive prices to ensure the timely and safe arrival of goods.

  3. International Railway

    Relying on domestic railway hubs such as Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan, Chongqing, etc., we will carry out agent China Europe international trains to transport container goods to Russia, Germany, Poland, Hungary and other European countries by rail. The biggest feature of China Europe Express: the voyage is shorter than sea transportation, and the freight is cheaper than air transportation!

  4. Customs Declaration

    To provide customers with professional import and export customs declaration services. The service covers import and export agency, import customs clearance, import customs declaration, export tax rebate, import agency, handling certificate of origin and other services. Our company will provide customers with personalized logistics solutions, customs solutions, trade solutions, etc. according to different industries, different products and different trade methods.

  5. Freight Insurance

    Cargo transportation insurance protects your company’s rights and interests when your goods are subject to unforeseen losses. We provide cargo insurance, so that you can feel at ease when transporting products.

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